Communications with Byte. Supporting leading global PR agencies and tenacious technology brands.


Core industry experience

Games Industry
(business and consumer)

The games industry is the natural habitat for Raptor PR. We thrive in the gaming jungle, possessing intimate knowledge of the B2B and B2C ecosystems, with experience across mobile, console, indie and AAA.



We are PR experts for performance marketing, including adtech, martech, mobile marketing and mobile monetisation. Also experienced in PR for media agencies, publishers (digital and physical), media brands, broadcasters and film studios.


We design, build and execute high impact 360 comms strategies for both enterprise and startup organisations. Experience includes SaaS CX, broadcast tech, CRM, eCommerce and machine learning/AI.


Raptors love their gadgets, with experience spanning hardware, software, digital companies, AR, MR, VR, mobile apps, news portals, search engines and music apps.

About Raptor PR

Communications with Byte.

Hungry for results, building reputations for tenacious tech and gaming brands.

Whether you’re an ambitious enterprise tech player looking to launch into English speaking geos, or a games developer needing media coverage for external investment, Raptor PR has the chops to deliver results that matter.

Rana Rahman also provides senior support for leading global PR agencies, seamlessly integrating into agency teams, leading teams and delivering tier one results.

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