The Team

Rana Rahman


Armed with over 20 years of tech and gaming PR experience, delivering consultancy and quality earned media results for brands and agencies. Currently starting up Raptor PR, whilst freelancing at legendary PR agency Borkowski.

Recent tech PR experience includes AI/machine learning, AdTech, mobile gaming, game dev, serious games (non-recreational), extended reality (AR//VR/MR), SaaS CX, emotion analytics and oodles of apps.

Other cool stuff includes TVs, cameras, games consoles, search engines, news portals, publishers, media buying agencies, radio stations. Oh and I lived through the late 90s/00s dotcom boom.

A life long nerd, having grown up on a strict diet of 8-bit gaming (Speccy), coin-ops and Star Trek: TNG.

Rana has devised and executed creative campaigns for market leading brands including Philips, Microsoft, PlayStation, EA, Rovio Entertainment, Angry Birds, Gismart, Fujifilm, Hailo, Warner Bros, AppLovin, Tappx, RingCentral, EMAP, FHM and Carat.

Stand out in the crowd

Always making an impression in the gaming industry and marketplace, Rana works agile, smart and fiercely loyal to his customers. Want to become a Raptor? Connect now!