Level up – my move from freelancer to founder

By Rana Rahman, Chief Raptor

I feel like I’ve just reached the next level. Raptor PR, which began when I was a freelancer back in May 2019 has today emerged as a fully formed virtual PR agency. And with four retained accounts already in place, we’ve certainly hit the ground running.

My vision for Raptor PR was largely born of two things. As a lifelong fan of all things gaming, media, and tech, I realised there was a gap in the market: a need for a comms agency that instinctively understood – and had a real enthusiasm for – this space. After all, it’s much easier to deliver results for your clients if you’re genuinely passionate about the work they do.

The other thing I realised was just how much the comms industry has changed over the 20 years that I’ve been working in PR. There’s a new breed of tech entrepreneur looking for a hyper-agile agency model that’s able to mould around their evolving business needs, and that has the scalability to match their company’s growth.

Partly by design, and partly through necessity, having been born in a pandemic, Raptor PR is built around a virtual model, one that’s proven to deliver a truly best-in-class service which can match or exceed the capabilities of more traditional agency models. We’ve got no office overheads, for example, and no fixed human resources. Instead, Raptor PR is made up of a network of senior communications, content specialists, and partner agencies, each with their own interests, experience, and expertise. This allows me to employ a “best-of-minds” approach and match the right specialist to the right client to deliver the best results.

Right now, we’re establishing a global communications architecture, that will scale up as our portfolio grows across multiple geographies. Ultimately, though. my aim is to perfect a diverse, data-driven, virtual agency that’s capable of adapting to changing client demands and shifting economic conditions – something the last year or so has shown to be a real risk to any business.

Gaming, media, and tech have always been my passion. With Raptor PR, I’ve been able to combine that passion with two decades of PR experience, to help companies in the space cut through the increasing noise and deliver real results. Two years on from its conception, and as it emerges – fully-formed – from its beta phase, Raptor PR has reached the next level. And as I move from freelancer to agency founder – does that mean I’ve reached boss level?